Building relationships between community leaders of today and tomorrow

About the Program

CIVIC Scholars Mentor Link is about building genuine and supportive networks between business and community leaders and college students. As leaders, it’s critical for us to connect with younger generations and inspire them to engage in their community and to prepare them for the professional world after graduation. The CIVIC Leadership Institute emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships between executives and their communities. With the CIVIC Scholars Program, we’re taking this vision to the university level, by building relationships between community leaders of today and tomorrow.

Through Mentor Link CIVIC Scholars of Junior and Senior standing are paired with an executive mentor based on the student’s academic and career goals. It seeks to connect CIVIC Scholars with a reliable business/community leader who will offer their scholar career guidance and strengthen their post-graduation network. Mentor Link has been an integral aspect of CIVIC Scholars since the program was founded and students have cited this as one of the most impactful and valuable aspects of the program.


We recommend a time commitment of 5 hours from October to May, which includes a least 3 individual meeting with your mentee and attendance at the Mentor Breakfast in the fall  and the CIVIC Scholars Executive Event in the spring.

Mentor Link focuses on three main goals:

  • Assisting with the student’s career development
  • Encouraging civic engagement
  • Providing cross-generational support


  • Career guidance: “I’m thinking about this career and am considering my next steps. What do you think?
  • Civic engagement advice: “I want to do more for my community. How did you get more involved?”
  • Professionalism answers: “How can I manage my email inbox better” “When should I follow up with someone?” “What are some big red flags in the workplace?”
  • Social support: “I’m in a new leadership position and feel unprepared – have you ever felt this way? How did you handle the situation?”
If you’d like more info about becoming a mentor for our CIVIC Scholars, please get in touch with us.