Celebrating 25 years of civic

25th Anniversary Class CIVIC Challenge and #BestClassEver

CIVIC Best Class Ever 

Each year CIVIC Alumni compete to prove which year is the #BestClassEver! This is determined by compiling donations, memberships, and attendance at events (both online and virtual) from January 2021-December 2022.

In 2021, the 25th Anniversary Class Challenge was a major factor in who was awarded the trophy. Each class that achieved the goal of donating $2,500 by December 31st, 2021, received extra points, and classes that met their goal by Giving Tuesday received even more bonus points towards the Best Class Every Trophy.

Thank you, CIVIC alumni, for participating in this campaign! We were overwhelmed by your incredible support and generosity. Twenty-five CIVIC Classes participated in the 25th Anniversary Challenge, and we received over 250 donations from our alumni here in Hampton Roads and across the country.

And the Winner is…

This year we are celebrating CIVIC Leadership Institute’s 25th Anniversary. Which class will win the “Best Class Ever” trophy during this momentous year? It was a tough competition with several classes in a tight race for the top spot.

We are excited to announce that the Class of 2017 has been awarded the title of “Best Class Ever” for 2021. Congratulations! 

Thank you for your incredible support and engagement during this past year! Your memberships, donations, attendance at our events, and commitment to the 25th Anniversary Class Challenge all make a very big difference for our organization. As stakeholders, you are critical to the ongoing growth of CIVIC, and we are so grateful.

Watch the official announcement below from Sarah Jane Kirkland and Cathy Lewis.

Top 10 Best Class Ever Rankings

  1. Class of 2017
  2. Class of 2019
  3. Class of 2018
  4. Class of 2015
  5. Class of 2020
  6. Class of 2021
  7. Class of 2007
  8. Class of 2010
  9. Class of 1999
  10. Class of 2016

The impact of civic

We hear repeatedly from alumni and community stakeholders about the impact that CIVIC Leadership Institute has both in the community and for those who participate in the program. Our team loves hearing about the collaboration and the projects that come to fruition because of our strong alumni network. As part of our 25th Anniversary, we are reaching out to hear from you. Please share with our team why CIVIC is important to you.