Connecting Leaders.

Improving Life.

Who We Are.

Regional Relationships. Regional Results.

CIVIC’s goal is simple. It’s to connect executive leaders through service to improve life in Hampton Roads. We’re looking for exceptional candidates who are professionally accomplished, civic minded and willing to step up to the challenging work of making the Hampton Roads region the best it can be. In return, you will find fulfilling ways to make a difference and friendships to last a lifetime.

Our Mission

CIVIC Leadership Institute connects executive leaders through service to improve life in Hampton Roads.

Our Goals

Inspire demonstrated leaders to engage in public service.

  • Support a network of proven leaders to improve life in Hampton Roads.
  • Leverage our leadership network to inform the public about issues facing the region.
  • Develop regional leadership for succeeding generations.


Our Guiding Principles

CIVIC exists exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

  • CIVIC values the perspectives and concerns of the diverse populations of Hampton Roads.
  • CIVIC shall remain strictly non-partisan and does not take positions as an organization on public issues.
  • CIVIC participants and alumni are encouraged to express their personal opinions at CIVIC events, but are expected to do so in a manner respectful of the opinions of others.
  • CIVIC does not endorse the products or services of any business or organization and CIVIC participants and alumni shall not claim CIVIC endorsement.